Glazed ceramic
H 75 x 71 x 15


This is a unique work




Since 2015, Han van Wetering has been making brightly coloured (azure blue, candy pink, gold and silver) erotic towers in glazed ceramic, together they form a modern metropolis. A bit like the 'Metropolis' artwork by Paul Citroen (1923). The artist was inspired by a stay in the USA during the rise of Donald Trump as president. The towers symbolise male, erotic and political power. They flaunt each other and even try to rival the sky. One even bigger and higher than the other. Because the higher the more powerful... By now we know what happened to Trump's presidency. A country left in chaos and confusion, totally polarised by a man who's only desire is power. A universal theme. This makes Han van Wetering's towers more topical than ever. 


  • Han van Wetering (Maastricht, 1948) makes colorful, baroque sculptures and objects in ceramics and bronze. Recurring themes in his work are beauty and transience, eroticism and social engagement. It often arises in a series such as ripped open bloody animal figures and the towers (buildings). The work is direct and shows unrulyness, originality and craftsmanship. Sometimes it is raw and intense, at other times dreamy and poetic. In addition to sculptures, Van Wetering also makes ceramic drawings.

    The visual power of Han van Wetering's work is great. Intended to confuse the viewer through a combination of seriousness, self-mockery, humor and absurdity. This places his work in a southern tradition. But no more than that. Because Van Wetering's oeuvre cannot be divided into a particular movement, it is far too autonomous for that. Just like the artist himself, who has been mainly busy for a long time in his spacious studio with studio garden at a distance from the city. Here, in its own universe and reality, things come into being. Matter can lie here for years, until the artist sees it and "it becomes something". His urge to make things grows every day.

    Han van Wetering's work is included in museum collections including the Bonnenfantenmuseum, Museum van Bommel van Dam and the Princessehof. As well as in corporate and private collections at home and abroad. Throughout the Netherlands, colorful works by the artist can be found in public spaces. Of which the best known in Venlo, Maastricht, Herkenbosch and Purmerend.

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