Timothee de Brouwer is a young artist who graduated

from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and

from la Cambre in Brussels, as he was doing

a double-graduate, in 2019.

He was born in Belgium in 1994, and he grew up partly

in France and Tunisia, before coming back to Belgium for

his studies.

He was originally trained as a Graphic Designer, but often

shifted his practice to Sculpture, and especially Ceramics,

as he felt the need to work with 3dimensional

materials which would be able to experience the

constrains of time. His approach is intuitive, playful and

naïve, but also generous and free.

An oscillation between abstract and figurative is operate.

The main focus of his work embodies the concept of

imaginary ruins, including various symbols and

representations of life such as animals and plants.

Today he works and lives in Brussels.

Timothee de Brouwer


29/09 to 09/11/2019