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Everything in the world mixes up and happens in the mix. Everything goes in and out of everywhere: the world is openness, absolute freedom of movement, not side by side, but through bodies and others. To live, to experience or to be in the world, also means to be crossed by everything.

A recurrent theme throughout my work has always been finding a connection between the natural and organic worlds, bridging elements as if everything were made of the same substance. I am looking for sensations through form and movement, especially in the translation of metamorphosis and their passage to the frozen state.


Everything connects and mixes: the inside , the outside, the physical and the psychic, the palpable and the impalpable, the liquid and the solid, the animal, the vegetative and human. The first lockdown forced us to stand still and contemplate. Spring saw human activies slow and their lives threatened

while Nature exploded around us. I wanted through this new body of work to express Nature’s vitality and bring attention to its silent force of renewal and resilience.


21/01 to 20/02/2021

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