Linda De Hert (Antwerp-Duffel 1958) first studied ceramics at the Atelier of Lieve Huybrechts in Antwerp from 1979 until 1983. In 2016 she joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Geel, where she graduated in ceramics in 2021.

About “the talking heads”:
The beginning of the work determines the direction of the shape, which then usually builds up in a logical, self-evident manner. Through focus and concentration, heads that are somewhere in-between the abstract and the figurative, are created: the organic shapes are fluent, robust, a bit mysterious…


Glazing is a kind of struggle and every step of the glazing process is noticeable as every decision leaves traces.
The glazes are imperative in defining the artwork, they are an integral part of the object. 

The resulting colours are surprising, these are layered and change depending on the incidence of light. The glazes represent introverted and extraverted human feelings, our emotions.

“The heads are inuitive memories that got stuck in my mind but I can’t remember why and when…”.