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Joris Link (1979) received his education at the Academy for art and design, ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. He has been exhibiting his work since 2001 in the Netherlands and abroad.


The ceramic sculptures of Joris Link are about shapes, structures and contrasts. Often using repetition, constructed of serial produced elements which, depending on the space, are combined in different ways to become bigger sculptures.


The sculptures are often monumental but can also be small objects. They tickle the imagination and form a relationship with its surroundings.

The sculptures in itself usually do not give away its size. They can easily be very small or huge. Inspiration comes from mathematical forms, molecules but also landscapes and nature.

Characteristic of Joris Link his work is his own idiom of form and use of colours displaying beautiful craftsmanship. He uses traditional techiques combined with modern 3d techniques, exploring the bounderies of the ceramic material. 

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