Clay is the connecting link with the origin, with where we are now and where we are moving.

With my visual work I investigate the identity of clay. Clay is the cradle of all living things. Working with pure clay in my hands, I feel this vital connection deep within me.

Every time I look for the outermost limit of clay and my kiln. With the challenge to bring out the meaning of the images and atmospheres of my inner landscape as a sculptural form language.


As an artist I remain curious and experiment with my own additions of material.

For example, for my series Reflections by Copper of my Green Garden, I glazed clay green with copper oxide or fused it with copper wire. Copper has bonding and grounding properties that make me so attracted to this material. For me it's about connecting with each other, with the earth, with life.


Sculptural flowing organic shapes. Mirrored green hues. A connecting link. Reflections by Copper of my Green Garden invites reflections on how we relate to each other, to nature and essentially to nature within ourselves.


Jeanette van Rossum

Sculptural architectural ceramics

my green garden .jpg